Tourist Attractions


Sea Food

Its all about how u enjoy your food in a Boat, if you really wanna have some good naadan fish curry meals with fish fry, kallummakaya, muru, prawns, crabs etc..

Home Stay

A home stay in the cap of the scenic Cheruthurithi island. Live in the lap of nature surrounded by the lush green of kadalundi Mangrove

Wild Life Safari

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary provides shelter and ideal conditions to a number of migratory birds.


The boating through the Kadalundi River gives the visitors a closer view of the mangrove forests and the bio diversities.

Mangroove Forest

You can have a close view the mangrove and its biodiversity from the places like Mannarmad, C P Thuruthy, Panayammad, Balathuruthy etc. All the plants depicted in the ‘horthus malabaricus’ is situated in a garden near Chaliyam.
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