The boating through the Kadalundi River gives the visitors a closer view of the mangrove forests and the bio diversities.

The tourism authority of Kadalundi is taking special care of boating because for the foreigners who have never seen a waterway or a sea will have a rare chance of experiencing it. The small village cruises in the middle of the river for the purpose of fishing will provide a rare scene for such foreigners. The boat building centres of Kadalundi is also a tourist destination.

There are also provisions created to ride vehicles to inside of the sea via Chaliyam-Pulimood bay. This will be a special experience for the tourists.

The journey in ‘jangars’ will be a wonderful experience. Tourists can have a jangar journey between Beypore and Chaliyam. These river rides and traditional fishing harbours of Kadalundi will surely be an unforgettable experience for the tourists.